Portraiture and Colour – two difficult concepts!

Last week we did portraiture…our own.  That was way more difficult than you can image.  Look at yourself in a mirror and draw what you see. I sent the final product to my friend Wendie and my daughter Olivia and said “what do you think”.  I got responses like – it’s too wide across theContinue reading “Portraiture and Colour – two difficult concepts!”

Terrified Beginner no longer! by Liz Saunders

I can no longer be considered a terrified beginner, a beginner, definitely, but not so terrified. However, I think every class is going to have its own challenges and therefore terrors.  This week we finished, or mostly finished, our “ribbons” of the week before.  This was an exercise in shading and shadows. Then it wasContinue reading “Terrified Beginner no longer! by Liz Saunders”

Getting on with life! by Liz Saunders

I can’t believe two weeks have passed since my last blog. During the cruise, when I was in so much pain from my arthritis, I promised myself that when I returned I would get on the phone to my hand and foot surgeon and make appointments.  Well, I like to keep my promises to myselfContinue reading “Getting on with life! by Liz Saunders”

The harbinger of winter…by Liz Saunders

What a great weekend last weekend was…except for it’s the time of year to close the cottage, a harbinger of winter if ever there was one. On Saturday we met our friends, Wendie and Hugh (and Wendie’s friend Cynthia), at the Bala Cranberry Festival.   I found some awesome elephants which were half price –Continue reading “The harbinger of winter…by Liz Saunders”

Naturopath or Witchy Woman? by Liz Saunders

My journey continues with the CCNM but now I’m not sure whether I’m dealing with the Witchy Woman that the Eagles sang about all those years ago or not.  She definitely has black hair and today makes me wonder. But let me digress.  I mentioned in a previous post that I wasn’t sure why IContinue reading “Naturopath or Witchy Woman? by Liz Saunders”

End of the first 5 days on the new supplements and I can sleep!

For those of you who’ve never had any trouble sleeping, this won’t mean much to you, but I CAN SLEEP!  I started the new supplements on Monday.  Here they are (except for the NutraSea which I started 2 weeks ago)   A friend of mine who’s a sequential homeopath told me, simplistically, they were toContinue reading “End of the first 5 days on the new supplements and I can sleep!”