End of the first 5 days on the new supplements and I can sleep!

For those of you who’ve never had any trouble sleeping, this won’t mean much to you, but I CAN SLEEP! 

I started the new supplements on Monday.  Here they are (except for the NutraSea which I started 2 weeks ago)

  The new supplements

A friend of mine who’s a sequential homeopath told me, simplistically, they were to balance my neuro-transmitters, balance my mood and sleep, assist with blood flow and muscle efficiency, reduce cramping and reduce stress (probably something else I’ve missed).  Well, I woke up Tuesday morning and thought…”hmmm…I don’t remember last night”.  Woke up Wednesday morning and thought “wow, I don’t remember anything about last night”. 

I couldn’t believe it!  2 nights in a row.  For me that was completely unbelievable.  And I felt rested.  Woke up without the alarm. 

Wednesday night, not quite so good probably because I had to get up early for a networking breakfast and I always worry about over sleeping (I know, I know, that sounds ridiculous).  Thursday night we had grandson, Jaden, who came in at about 4:30 and whispered “Grandma….grandma…”  I was aware of him, but I was just so peaceful I couldn’t move, and it didn’t sound urgent.  (Turned out he’d had an accident, but when I didn’t move, he went back to his room, changed his pj bottoms and slept on a different part of the bed.) 

Unfortunately, sleep-wise, I sort of hovered after that.  Not really getting back into a deep sleep, but I think getting rest.   Last night, another night like Monday and Tuesday…no memory of the night at all.

Now this sleeping thing is pretty fantastic all by itself.  I don’t feel as frazzled as I used to, I don’t feel like I’m running on adrenaline or caffeine (which I don’t use anyway).  But here’s the really fantastic piece of this:  I’ve only had one bout of twitchies all week and that was last night at about 9:45-10 pm!  I never make it that late!  Never!  And when Joe and I talked about it, we realized that I hadn’t had any other twitchies all week!  It’s truly a miracle.

There is one side effect that has to be as a result of the supplements, that I’m finding rather unpleasant.  They seem to be forcing my gastro-intestinal system to behave like a normal human being – how do you people stand it?

Otherwise, I guess trying to keep all the new supplements figured out in terms of timing, is well worth it. 



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