Spitting into a tube!

Today I entered the next phase of the study.   But first let me tell you about yesterday.

As part of the testing process, I had to get up early yesterday (Sunday) morning and spit in a tube.  That is a lot more difficult than it sounds, I can assure you.  Rinse the mouth with cold water, wait 5 minutes and start spitting.  It’s amazing how long it can take to fill a tube 3/4 full.  It was only a little tube – about 1.5 inches maybe.  Then I had to wait 2 hours and pee in a cup (second of the day)…all without so much as a single cup of tea. 

Well, that went okay.  But now I had to time all my food so that it was at least an hour after eating before I started spitting again.  The most difficult one was probably on the way home from the National Home Show, in the back seat of Dave’s car, driving up the Don Valley Parkway, spitting.  Glad it didn’t distract Dave or any of the other drivers on the road!  Last time was at bedtime.  Thank goodness that’s over. 

Today, on Bryce’s instructions, I’ve added a bunch of new supplements to my routine.  Here they are:

2 Tryfonia Max (AOR) with breakfast

2 Theanine capsules on an empty stomach (twice a day)

2 Vinpo-15 (AOR) twice a day with food

2 Magnesium Citramate twice a day with food

1 Fola Pro twice a day with food

6 mg of Melatonin liquid half hour before bedtime.

The only one I understand is the Melatonin.  The rest are all Greek to me.  Guess I’ll get Bryce to explain them in 2 weeks.  In order to help me keep these all straight, I got out my black magic marker and and labeled all the tops.

So, I think of this as the beginning of Phase 2:  The liquid phase.

More soon.


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