The harbinger of winter…by Liz Saunders

What a great weekend last weekend was…except for it’s the time of year to close the cottage, a harbinger of winter if ever there was one.

On Saturday we met our friends, Wendie and Hugh (and Wendie’s friend Cynthia), at the Bala Cranberry Festival.   I found some awesome elephants which were half price – so obviously, I couldn’t turn that down – had to buy both.

The early part of Saturday was good and the rain held off until about 3:30 in the afternoon giving us time to see most of the Cranberry Festival before the downpour.  Ended up at the Bala Bay Inn but no ghostly appearances this year, like last.

At the Festival, multi-tasking as usual, we ran into Bill McCutcheon of Arbortech.  I’ve been meaning to call him for ages to give me a quote on clearing some of our canopy and there he was – just as I said to my husband, “gee, the last time we were here, we ran into Bill right there” and as I pointed, he appeared.   Maybe there were spirits at work after all.

And today was the saddest day of the year…closing the cottage.   This summer seems to have gone by so quickly. We didn’t make it to visit my Aunt Judy in Burke’s Falls or my aunt Mary and Uncle Bruce in Sudbury.  Nor did we do our usual visits to all the local towns for a stroll and a bite of lunch or a beer.


How did that happen?  It’s not bad enough that we won’t be able to go to the cottage, we won’t be able to see our friends regularly…Wendie, Hugh, Pat, Terry, Cheryl, Steve…but we will stay in touch.

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