How does this work?

  • Select a service or services that you are interested in
  • The Virtual Alternative will work with your existing processes, programs and methods, or provide alternatives to increase efficiency

I need help, but I don’t know where….

There are a number of ways to help you figure out what you need:

  • The Virtual Alternative can complete a consultation to provide you with a list of suggested services
  • Trial and Error! You can start small and try one service at a time
  • You have the freedom to change, increase or alter the selected services as your business needs change

How does this save me money?

  • Our office space, not yours
  • Our equipment, not yours
  • Only pay for actual work- no down time

I am not in Toronto or Peterborough, does that matter?

NO! You do not need to be in the same city, province, or even country to utilize The Virtual Alternative.

Technology has improved so drastically that almost everything is possible electronically.

Why don’t I just hire a temp?

  • Hiring a temp means paying a minimum of 4 hours per shift
  • A Virtual Assistant charges by the minute
  • A temp will be paid for the entire time they are at your office
  • A virtual assistant will only be paid for the work  done for you
  • A temp will need somewhere to sit, a computer, general office supplies and a phone
  • A Virtual Assistant has their own equipment and supplies
  • A temp is there to do a job and get paid
  • A Virtual Assistant is there to partner with you and help your business grow

Have more questions? Contact us directly to discuss!