My first ever Corrie Ping and it was a blast!

Wow!  Wednesday night not only did I go to my first ever Ping, I went to the first Ping ever held in Toronto, as far as we can tell!  An evening to go down in history and I was there.

I met some other Corrie fans, Steve, Chris, Stacey – the organizer – and of course the owners of the pub, The Roy.  I didn’t meet the lady at the end of the bar, but she might have been the only other “elder statesperson” in Corrie fandom.  I’ve been a fan longer than Stacey’s been alive.  I first saw Coronation Street, sitting in a room in a suburb of Manchester, that could have been Stan and Hilda Ogden’s main room …complete with “murial”.

But what was so great about it?  The people, of course.  There was only one TV and even with the volume at full, it was hard to hear.  Amazing to think that there were actually other people in the pub who didn’t care about Corrie and insisted on talking and making general noise…believe it or not.

For me though, it’s always the people.   I knew I could watch Corrie again the next morning because I religiously tape the show.  People are what makes everything worthwhile.

And that’s what I feel in my business as well.  As a Virtual Assistant, sometimes I’m not so virtual.  Just the other morning, I went to an event of the American Marketing Association on behalf of one of my clients, actually representing that client as if I was an employee.  When I walked in the door, who was manning the registration desk, but the employee of one of my other clients!  Very small world.  My purpose in attending the meeting was to try to find some potential contacts in the non-profit sector for my client.   One of the first women I spoke to had an association management company who managed 15 non-profits or not-for-profits.  And I thought, “Oh, I’m an idiot.  Why did I not think of connecting the client I was representing and the client who was running the show”.

When the morning was over, I spoke to Candace (the employee) and I mentioned why I was there.  And what did she tell me?  That as far as she knew, one of their other clients was in search of a web designer!  Since I had lots of Kent’s cards (client I was representing) in my pocket, I gave one to Candace who promised to make sure her boss/my client would get it.

Then I went off to do the minutes of a meeting at an organization that is a client of my client who was organizing the morning’s event…was that clear?

Later that day I was able to connect my two clients for a conversation to see if there is any way they can work together.  I love it when a plan works!

And that’s what I think I do really well for my clients, as a value added.  I have such a wide network of acquaintances and I really enjoy it when I can find a solution through that network, that works for a client…or two in this case.


YAY! We finally have an air date!

Finally an air date!  The series starts on W Network on April 7th at 8 p.m. and we’re going to be the 10th episode.  So, if the schedule goes according to plan, that means the RLS show will be on June 16th!  But don’t rely on my counting abilities.  Check out the rest of the series too.


I went to the Movies!!!

After my dreadful non-sleeping event in July, I spoke with Dr. B and guess what…he re-instated the full protocol of supplements and another course of Cuprum Metallica.   Apparently it may have been too soon to stop the stuff, but we had some time constraints because of filming the TV show.

Nevertheless, after returning to a full dose of supplements, that didn’t stop me from having one of the worst episodes in recent memory on the first Tuesday night in August.  So bad that I took an extra dose of Cuprum and some extra Melatonin.  The next morning when I got up my left leg was so sore, I can’t even tell you. 

However, despite my bad episode on Tuesday, Saturday was a dark and rainy day at the cottage in August and, there not being much else to do, so husband Joe and I decided to “try” to go to the movies.  You have to realize, that I have not been to the movies in many years…not successfully that is.  So off we trooped to see The Dark Knight.  I don’t know whether it was Heath Ledger’s mesmerizing performance or the Cuprum Metallica, but I never felt a thing.  My legs behaved just like a normal human being’s might.  It was great!

I spoke to Dr. B after the week and confirmed that stress could have been the trigger for the really bad episode and although I’m still on a full dose of supplements, I’ve cut out the Cuprum again.  Have to see Dr. B again in September and I guess we’ll talk about a further change then.

In the meantime, I enjoy being able to sit for somewhat extended periods of time (and things will start to ramp up again work-wise now that it’s the end of August, so that’s a good thing)!



Poison Ivy? Who’da thought?

Woke up Tuesday night/Wednesday morning back in July at 2:30 a.m. and thought oh no, here we go again.  Then I realized that I was awake because my back was killing me.  Tossed and turned for 2 hours and finally succumbed and took a Tylenol 3.


On Wednesday I had my last official appointment with Dr. Bryce and he stopped the filming mid scene and called to the front desk for some Rhus Tox.  Poison Ivy!  He wanted me to ingest poison ivy for the inflammation!  Go figure!  Well, sure enough after a couple of days, the pain in my back eased dramatically as the inflammation went down (the inflammation was proven by a urine test showing that my free radicals were nuts) and with only 1 more T3 tab.


But now to my last appointment.  I’ve been doing so well that Bryce took me off the Theanine, Fola Pro, Vinpo and Melatonin.  Yay!  I still have to do the “some pills on an empty stomach and some with food” but there were so many less pills.


So, Friday night (saw Bryce on Wednesday) everything was fine until Whammo…RLS episode.  But here’s the thing – I took a T3 for the drive to the cottage (back was still sore), an antihistamine when I got to the cottage – black flies attacked as I got out of the car, and then sin of sins, had wine with dinner.  Well guess what?  My body was screaming “lie down you stupid woman!”  As soon as I lay down and went to sleep, the twitchies stopped…go figure.


I think I had another minor event the following week, but it wasn’t memorable enough to remember it.


Then this Sunday happened.  This week, went to bed Sunday night and 3:30 a.m. Monday, there I was…awake.  Wide awake!  Well, I thought, what’s one night.  Not a big deal in the scheme of things.   Until 4:45 a.m. when I had a terrible episode of RLS.  Now that was after tossing and turning since 3:30.  I tried everything.  Breathing exercises, relaxation techniques…nothing worked.  But, it was one night.


Or so I thought.  Monday night I went to bed thinking, “well, tonight I’ll sleep after last night”.  And I did…until 3 a.m.  Then it was a repeat of the night before.  I guess one of the good things about being a virtual assistant is that at least, if I have to after a bad night, I can take the day easy.


Gotta talk to Dr. B.






It’s been a while and it’s almost over…

After my really bad weekend back in May, there just hasn’t been much to report.  There have been a few bouts of twitchies, but they are definitely few and far between.  Episodes Monday and Tuesday night about two weeks ago, but they were relatively mild.  Really nothing to report.  Which is great!

Until this week of course, and that wasn’t twitchies, it was back to “oh good, it’s 3 a.m. and I’m wide awake!”  Actually, I’m splitting the difference there, Tuesday night was 3:30 a.m. and Wednesday night it was 2:30 a.m.  But there was no slipping calmly back into sleep.  It was hours of tossing and turning and getting up and walking around.  Thank god last night was okay.  Man, I really don’t want to go back to no sleep, that would be cruel and unusual punishment.

So here it is, Friday the 4th of July (Happy Independence Day for our American friends), the project comes to an end next Wednesday with an day of filming and my last visit with Dr. Bryce and I’m worried.  During this project, I’ve been taking numerous supplements (see previous posts) as well as things like Liquid Melatonin.  Fortunately the melatonin isn’t expensive but the supplements are, so when the TV show stops paying for them, I stop taking them.   Naturally, I have concerns that I’m going to go right back to where I started: sleepless nights, uncontrollable legs.  My gastro-intestinal system has long since settled back into it’s old routine, and that’s while still on the supplements so what the heck will happen without them?

Good questions for Dr. Bryce next week.


Yikes! This has not been a good weekend!

Boy, I thought last week was bad but this weekend has been dreadful.  Made it to the cottage on Friday night, no problem.   Don’t even remember twitchies on Friday night, but sometime in the middle of the night, I woke up and thought “did I just have a back twitch?  I haven’t had one of them in ages!” and just to be sure, I had another one while I was wondering if it had been a dream (nightmare).  However, I went straight back to sleep.

Saturday afternoon, Joe went golfing – I didn’t really feel like it after having dental surgery on Thursday and eating and drinking still being somewhat problematic.  While I waited for him to finish his round, sitting on the patio at the course reading my book, twitchies!  Both legs!  Fortunately he finished and I got up and walked around and they dissipated.

Today, down by the lake, reading my book, twitchies again!  Decided to come up and have a nap and couldn’t even do that because my damn legs wouldn’t stop moving.   Still have the drive home, gosh, I hope it’s okay.

Think I’ll call Dr. Bryce tomorrow.  This is not good!


Well what a strange week this has been (or from the Sublime to the Ridiculous)!

Monday night of the Victoria Day weekend we were driving home from the cottage…late…and when I finished reading my book, I thought…”hmmm, my legs aren’t doing anything”.  I waited…and waited…I felt the familiar pulling in my shin, but nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  I couldn’t believe it.  Didn’t even have to uncross and recross my legs!  I thought “this is a GREAT sign.  This must be  a sign of things to come, surely.”

Not so fast, Liz.  Got into bed thinking, “that’s it, I’ve finally cracked it!”.  Then I woke up at 2 am and again at 3:30 and 4:15 and 5:10 at which point I got up. 

Tuesday night was our Jaden (grandson for those not following the plot) night and I classically haven’t slept really soundly so I didn’t expect to.  While watching the final of Dancing with the Stars – there they were, the twitchies.  Not really bad ones, but annoying – no question.  But I slept better than anticipated. 

Wednesday evening I spoke with Bryce – just a check in on how things were going and about something extra he had suggested – and I proudly told him about my trip home from the cottage.  We talked about how well I’d actually done in fairly short order and a bit about where we go from here.   Famous last words…just after 9 pm, there they were again!  Those pesky twitchies.  Again, not really bad, but annoyingly there.  Off I went to bed to read my book and they stopped.   Lights out and there it was…2 am.  I thought, “this is ridiculous!  It’s been so good for so long, what the heck is going on, oh wait, did I remember to take my supplements at dinner time?” – okay, I didn’t think “heck” but this is a family blog.  In the morning my husband, Joe, asked me whether I had twitched much after I went to bed, and I was able to say “nope, not at all”.   But since I didn’t sleep, maybe that wasn’t completely true. 

Yesterday I had oral surgery ( a “flap” – upper right), remembered all my supplements (although my timing was all off).  By about 8 pm I was exhausted.   Could that have partly been the painkillers?  I wasn’t prepared to call it quits at 8:30 pm so I soldiered on.  By about 9:15 I had the twitchies…big time…worst ones I can remember in weeks.  I still wasn’t prepared to give up and to my complete surprise, by 10 pm they had stopped!  Unfortunately, I had a crummy night, but I think my mouth played a huge part in that.

My mouth is much better than anticipated this morning (although I’m still on soft food for the day), so I guess I’ll now have to wait and see how tonight goes, and the trip to the cottage this afternoon.

I really hope this week was a complete aberration and that things settle down again.  Fingers crossed! 


Made it to the cottage last night!

After last Sunday’s trip home from the cottage, I was somewhat concerned about yesterday’s trip to the cottage, but I needn’t have been.  Made it all the way without a single twitch.  I saw this as a very good start to the weekend.

But it all came crashing to an end just after 9 pm.  The twitchies started and would not be controlled.  By 9:30 I called it quits and went to bed with my book.  And things had been going so well before this week!

On a bright note, I slept pretty soundly despite forgetting to take my Melatonin.  Made it all the way to about 6:15 am, which beats the you know what out of yesterday’s 4 am start.  Funny thing is, that by 6:45 am I had started with the restless feet I sometimes suffer from.  It’s different from the twitchies, inasmuch as they don’t hurt, just have to keep moving around.  All I could think of was “darn, no running gear, but maybe I could go for a walk”.  But so far, here I am telling you all about it.  Maybe walk later.



Well, they did improve for a while…

It started on Sunday on the way home from the cottage.  That annoying feeling that my right leg just had to move.  I think it had been at least 10 days…maybe even 2 weeks…since I’d had that horrible feeling.  But there it was and it was not going to be ignored.  Nor was it going to stop.  So I twitched.  And I twitched.  And I sat on my leg, and I twitched some more.  And this was while reading!  Usually reading helps…not this time.

Fortunately, we had to stop in Brechin for a bathroom break so I was able to get up and walk around.  Back in the car and things seemed fine, for a while anyway.  About 20 minutes later, there was that feeling again, this time in my left leg.  Boy was I glad to get home!

Hoping that that was an aberration…maybe because we played 9 holes of golf earlier that day…I didn’t really worry about it.  However while watching TV on Tuesday night, there it was again…that feeling in my right leg.  Well, I thought, this is silly.  I was getting better, what the heck was this all about?  The twitchies were fairly mild so I put up with them and again, thought, “well, I must tell Dr. Bryce about this next week, and update my blog” but I wasn’t even worried enough about it to get around to blogging.

But now…well, last night (Thursday)…while watching TV both legs went crazy.  Just like the old days.  And here I sit at 5:21 a.m., having been awake for an hour, finally updating my blog.   Doesn’t make much sense to me and I’d rather be tucked up in bed asleep.  Heaven knows what Dr. Bryce will say about it.  He told me that the 2nd homeopathic dilution was something like extract of poison ivy – sounds like fun, doesn’t it? 

Stay tuned.