Well what a strange week this has been (or from the Sublime to the Ridiculous)!

Monday night of the Victoria Day weekend we were driving home from the cottage…late…and when I finished reading my book, I thought…”hmmm, my legs aren’t doing anything”.  I waited…and waited…I felt the familiar pulling in my shin, but nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  I couldn’t believe it.  Didn’t even have to uncross and recross my legs!  I thought “this is a GREAT sign.  This must be  a sign of things to come, surely.”

Not so fast, Liz.  Got into bed thinking, “that’s it, I’ve finally cracked it!”.  Then I woke up at 2 am and again at 3:30 and 4:15 and 5:10 at which point I got up. 

Tuesday night was our Jaden (grandson for those not following the plot) night and I classically haven’t slept really soundly so I didn’t expect to.  While watching the final of Dancing with the Stars – there they were, the twitchies.  Not really bad ones, but annoying – no question.  But I slept better than anticipated. 

Wednesday evening I spoke with Bryce – just a check in on how things were going and about something extra he had suggested – and I proudly told him about my trip home from the cottage.  We talked about how well I’d actually done in fairly short order and a bit about where we go from here.   Famous last words…just after 9 pm, there they were again!  Those pesky twitchies.  Again, not really bad, but annoyingly there.  Off I went to bed to read my book and they stopped.   Lights out and there it was…2 am.  I thought, “this is ridiculous!  It’s been so good for so long, what the heck is going on, oh wait, did I remember to take my supplements at dinner time?” – okay, I didn’t think “heck” but this is a family blog.  In the morning my husband, Joe, asked me whether I had twitched much after I went to bed, and I was able to say “nope, not at all”.   But since I didn’t sleep, maybe that wasn’t completely true. 

Yesterday I had oral surgery ( a “flap” – upper right), remembered all my supplements (although my timing was all off).  By about 8 pm I was exhausted.   Could that have partly been the painkillers?  I wasn’t prepared to call it quits at 8:30 pm so I soldiered on.  By about 9:15 I had the twitchies…big time…worst ones I can remember in weeks.  I still wasn’t prepared to give up and to my complete surprise, by 10 pm they had stopped!  Unfortunately, I had a crummy night, but I think my mouth played a huge part in that.

My mouth is much better than anticipated this morning (although I’m still on soft food for the day), so I guess I’ll now have to wait and see how tonight goes, and the trip to the cottage this afternoon.

I really hope this week was a complete aberration and that things settle down again.  Fingers crossed! 


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