I went to the Movies!!!

After my dreadful non-sleeping event in July, I spoke with Dr. B and guess what…he re-instated the full protocol of supplements and another course of Cuprum Metallica.   Apparently it may have been too soon to stop the stuff, but we had some time constraints because of filming the TV show.

Nevertheless, after returning to a full dose of supplements, that didn’t stop me from having one of the worst episodes in recent memory on the first Tuesday night in August.  So bad that I took an extra dose of Cuprum and some extra Melatonin.  The next morning when I got up my left leg was so sore, I can’t even tell you. 

However, despite my bad episode on Tuesday, Saturday was a dark and rainy day at the cottage in August and, there not being much else to do, so husband Joe and I decided to “try” to go to the movies.  You have to realize, that I have not been to the movies in many years…not successfully that is.  So off we trooped to see The Dark Knight.  I don’t know whether it was Heath Ledger’s mesmerizing performance or the Cuprum Metallica, but I never felt a thing.  My legs behaved just like a normal human being’s might.  It was great!

I spoke to Dr. B after the week and confirmed that stress could have been the trigger for the really bad episode and although I’m still on a full dose of supplements, I’ve cut out the Cuprum again.  Have to see Dr. B again in September and I guess we’ll talk about a further change then.

In the meantime, I enjoy being able to sit for somewhat extended periods of time (and things will start to ramp up again work-wise now that it’s the end of August, so that’s a good thing)!



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