Yikes! This has not been a good weekend!

Boy, I thought last week was bad but this weekend has been dreadful.  Made it to the cottage on Friday night, no problem.   Don’t even remember twitchies on Friday night, but sometime in the middle of the night, I woke up and thought “did I just have a back twitch?  I haven’t had one of them in ages!” and just to be sure, I had another one while I was wondering if it had been a dream (nightmare).  However, I went straight back to sleep.

Saturday afternoon, Joe went golfing – I didn’t really feel like it after having dental surgery on Thursday and eating and drinking still being somewhat problematic.  While I waited for him to finish his round, sitting on the patio at the course reading my book, twitchies!  Both legs!  Fortunately he finished and I got up and walked around and they dissipated.

Today, down by the lake, reading my book, twitchies again!  Decided to come up and have a nap and couldn’t even do that because my damn legs wouldn’t stop moving.   Still have the drive home, gosh, I hope it’s okay.

Think I’ll call Dr. Bryce tomorrow.  This is not good!


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