Okay, so I’ve got the side effects and I’m not sleeping, what’s that all about?!

In my last post, I mentioned that my gastro-intestinal tract was now behaving like that of a normal human being – however, enough all ready, how do you people stand it?  You may think it’s normal, I think it’s a nasty side-effect.  It’s very annoying to me, but I figured it was worth it as long as I was getting a good night’s sleep!

Somehow, that’s fallen off the tracks.  And the twitchies are back!  Sunday night, by about 8:30 my right leg was not cooperating at all.  Nope, it wasn’t having any part of watching TV, nor hanging out with my ever patient husband, Joe.  I think I made it to about 9 pm before I couldn’t stand it anymore and disappeared upstairs to my book. 

Well, that was annoying, but it does seem to settle down a bit when I read.  For some reason, I was exhausted (had a good night sleep Friday and Saturday and a nap on Sunday afternoon, but I was still pooped – pardon the pun).  So lights out fairly early – 10 ish.  That was fine and everything seemed to be going along fine until 2 a.m….2 a.m.!  I used to wake up at 3:30 or 4 a.m. but never as early as 2 a.m.!  So, I tossed and I turned and I did my best twitchy whirling dervish routine and prayed for sunrise.  Let me tell you, get a few good nights sleep under your belt and all of a sudden, what used to be relatively normal becomes a nightmare.

Monday, I dragged myself around, did what I had to do and figured, “last night has to have been an abberation, right?  Tonight will be fine.”  Wrong.  Last night the twitchies at least waited until the last half hour of Dancing with the Stars and they weren’t really nasty, but there they were.  So, off to my book and lights out sometime after 10.  Next thing I knew, it was 2 a.m.!  Yes, 2 a.m….again!  So, I tossed and I turned until morning came.  And as I sit here, I’m now getting eye twitchies…you know that really annoying little tick just under your eye that you can’t control or stop?  Yeah, that.

Not sure what this means…and I’m not happy with the nasty side-effects when I’m not getting the benefit of sleep…I sure hope Bryce has an answer on Monday.  Bryce, are you listening?  I sure hope you can help!

Cheers until next time.


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