Jim Pagiamtzis asked me 2 questions…

Not long ago, Jim Pagiamtzis asked me to think about two questions: What got me involved in the VA industry? and How can a VA benefit different businesses? Well, the first is easy.  I got fired; I got fired by a church.  Fortunately for me (not for them), it was wrongful dismissal and I walkedContinue reading “Jim Pagiamtzis asked me 2 questions…”

A recent interview

Recently I was interviewed by Trudy Van Buskirk of Boomer Biz Builder about being a Virtual Assistant and how I got to where I am today.  It was a very interesting experience and I’m going to use it to do another “Interview” for Jim Pagiamtzis’ blog. When I first decided to become a virtual assistantContinue reading “A recent interview”