Day 1 after B.C. by Liz Saunders

The journey starts here.  It’s day 1.

I watched the sky lighten this morning, just before dawn, looking for what I thought might be the right moment …and at 6:20 a.m., I decided…this is it.

After a very late night last night (what the heck did I think I was doing when I volunteered to be on our condo board?) I’m exhausted.  When I picked up the B.C. on Wednesday, I was warned that it might make me drowsy – which is not a good thing when you’re exhausted to start with and you have to do minutes of a meeting in the afternoon.

Or, she said, it might not!

I literally have no idea what to expect or whether even to expect anything.

As instructed, I’ve kept the B.C. away from light, heat, electronics and odours (I hope) and it is currently nesteled in my Taboo velvet golf pouch on the top shelf of the pantry, above the wine.  I hope it will enjoy it’s home there.   Now I’m waiting to hear whether Witchy Woman wants me back in 12 days or 19.

While I wait for something to happen, I am reminded that I forgot to tell you about the lovely tincture that I had to take – about a month ago – Tincture of Avena Sativa 100 m. (1:4), Withania Somnifera 50 ml (2:1) and Urtica Dioica 100 ml (1:4).  (How’s that for a mouthful?  Glad I only need to take 5 ml – 3 times a day).   Witchy warned me, right in front of her supervisor that it would taste bad and she wasn’t just Whistlin’ Dixie.  It was gross…but I think it helped me sleep a bit.

So, here it is, about 12 hours after ingesting B.C. and so far, I’m awake (which surprises me, it was a boring meeting this afternoon) and have a vague tingling in my left ankle and lower shin.

As a virtual assistant, I live my daily life not knowing what to expect or even if I should expect anything.  Each and every day is a different experience, a different journey.  Some days are longer than others and some days are filled with more challenges.  So the next few days, I shall wake up each day as I usually do, anticipating but not expecting, just experiencing.

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With over 30 years of experience, J. Liz Saunders delivers exceptional office and sales support to a wide range of businesses. More importantly, she does so with creativity. Her ‘can do’, ‘can solve’, ‘can source’ attitude results in the most efficient and effective completion of her clients’ requirements every time. Upon first meeting, Liz’ her most notable quality is her energy. When preparing for and running the Toronto marathon in 2004, Liz channelled this energy with discipline and determination. She uses those same qualities when organizing her many clients and delivering high quality support services in a timely manner. As a virtual assistant, Liz cold calls and generates leads for sales people; researches sites for meetings; schedules appointments and provides client support; offers transcription services, manages broadcast emails, arranges printing, handles basic bookkeeping; writes correspondence, proposals, quotes and invoices for clients; and acts as a call centre taking registrations for seminars. Liz is a certified Virtual Assistant with extensive experience in Microsoft Office. She has a BA from the University of Toronto and studied Fundraising Management at Ryerson University. She has experience in legal services, construction, insurance, real estate and facilities management. Liz builds her business based on trust, quality and a commitment to exceptional results.

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