QR Codes, by Liz Saunders

Yesterday, while out doing my thing as a virtual assistant, I learned about something new and really cool…QR Codes.  What the…? you might ask.  Well here’s what one looks like:
I know, weird looking right? It was described as a screwed up Miss Pacman game. But they are really neat. Using your Smart Phone or iPhone, go to 2dscan.com and download ScanLife (which is free), then when you see a QR Code, take a picture of it and your phone will automatic go to the link embedded in the QR Code. The Code above is for a blog which is quite funny by Phil Barrett, the VP, Digital & Mobile at B Street. He’s how I heard about them. So take a picture and read Phil’s blog.

But they have all kinds of applications. They can be on the outside of a building and you can get a link to the history of the building or even an calendar of events planned for the building or anything that the building owner wants to program into the Code. In Japan, there are buildings where the entire side of the building is a huge QR Code. There are also magazines with no content…just QR Codes.

Wikipedia gives a more thorough idea of what they are.

Apparently this is the way of the future, so we’re going to have to get used to funny little Miss Pacman games everywhere!

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