The Cruise – the Beginning

Welcome to the Carnival Freedom.  Within minutes of being on board, a waiter was rude to me.  Unbelievable!  I was so stunned at the time that I didn’t react but I will be talking to guest services…for sure!

Unfortunately, Monday I pushed my body way too far so my hands and feet are shockingly painful on Tuesday.  I think Monday I masked a lot of the pain with the Calc Phos and T-3s and as a result, Tuesday I could hardly walk.

However, other than that, let me tell you about this boat…this is a big boat!   5 levels of “staterooms”, 3 levels of bars, restaurants, shops, arcade…and probably the computer room but I didn’t see it.   Then two levels at the top that are pools, hot tubs, adults only club, sports deck, theatre and water slide.

We’re on level 1 which is at the bottom of the boat, right above the medical centre.  Unfortunately, it means we can actually feel the boat moving – hope neither of us gets motion sick.   We also have an interior cabin so no window.  Which is a little creepy.  Waking up this morning, I couldn’t get out and up on deck fast enough once I was awake.  But so much better than the tugboat we were on back in 2006 where we had tiny little separate beds.  This cabin is actually pretty nice and has lots of storage, although it doesn’t look like it.

This  week is a real test for me as I have always managed The Virtual Alternative from afar on all previous vacations since 2003.  I’m holding out against buying the online internet but not sure I’ll hold out  for the whole week.  At the moment, I’m completely blind and, although I have the utmost confidence in Siobhan, I’m anxious.

Key West is our first port of call but couldn’t find internet to post.  This is coming to you from George Town, Grand Cayman.   I was  really looking forward to Key West as I’ve read so many detective novels based there.   And I understand it’s quite a funky community full of artists and other interesting people.

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