O’Connor Drive closed because of a gas leak

Today started out much as any other day…checked my email, went for my walk around the building, spent an hour on the phone trying to get my printer/scanner to work and then I got ready to make some phone calls for a client. Unfortunately, what I didn’t know was that across the street there was a gas leak at the Leisureworld.

My day got disrupted by this because I was waiting for a delivery of the gift baskets I had ordered for clients as Christmas presents. I received a call that the baskets would be delivered in minutes so I went down to the lobby. Three-quarters of an hour later I finally received the gift baskets after the deliverer got “close” to me. O’Connor Drive has now been closed for over 3 hours. The residents at Leisureworld were evacuated onto TTC buses to await the all clear to return to their rooms.

Amazing how a gas leak can shut down a business that’s virtual, but effectively that’s what it did. I couldn’t make phone calls knowing that I would be interrupted when the gift basket delivery got close…and I didn’t know when that would be.

Published by J. Liz Saunders

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