Things are improving!

I’ve been taking the homeopathic dilution (cuprum metallica) now since April 22nd and although I’ve forgotten a few doses, things seem to have improved.  In fact, the twitchies are much better.  I’ve actually made it all the way to 11 pm watching TV without a single twitch.  On the other hand, when I do get them (like the middle of last Saturday afternoon), it seems to be a signal that I absolutely have to have a nap or go to bed…last Saturday I had a nap almost immediately after the twitchies started, woke up half hour later feeling much better – which is also very unusual for me – I don’t nap and wake up refreshed, usually.


And the gastro-intestinal stuff is probably “normal” now although it’s still different for me. 



And I think I’m sleeping better.  I’m not really aware of it, which I think is good.  I did have one bad night that I remember, but that was because of personal stressful stuff.  And generally I wake up before the alarm (usually just before) and I feel good, as opposed to “oh god, I have to get up now?”.


My arthritic toes are still bad.


But I would say a great improvement in the RLS which is, after all why I started this journey.






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