Today I saw Homeopath, Bryce Wylde and it was good!

Today I took the first step in the process for the relief of my restless leg syndrome.  I had my first appointment with Dr. Bryce.  And what an appointment.  In the hour and a half we covered my entire medical history (and some things you wouldn’t think of) and he told me that some issues that appear unrelated may in fact be related and fixable all at the same time.

This is going to be so great.  My first step is to stop a prescription medication that I was weaning myself off anyway, so that’s done.  Next, in 2 weeks when my system is clear of that Rx, I have to do a urine and saliva test which will apparently give him all kinds of insight into my body chemistry that bloodwork won’t.  Of course, I also have to do the bloodwork…no stone left unturned here.

I was already on an anti-inflammatory diet for my arthritis, but Dr. Bryce wants me to stick as close to it as possible (I’ve strayed a little over the years).  Then we may do food tests, or something like that.  He’s very thorough.

In the immediate future, I have to find a source of 2 supplements that his office didn’t have.  One to start immediately (increase the dosage of the fish oil I was taking already) and another one to start after the urine and spit test in 2 weeks.  He also gave me a  whole slew of other supplements to start taking after the tests in 2 weeks.  Check this out:  Magnesium Citramate (not sure what this does), FolaPro (doesn’t make sense to me but it must to Dr. Bryce), Vinpo 15 (supports cerebral metabolism), Tryfonia (serotonin biosynthesis), Theanine, Melatonin (I think the Melatonin is to help me sleep but I haven’t bought it yet)

So, two weeks after the next urine and spit test, back to see him to get the test results and see where we go from there.

This is going to be a great journey!


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