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VAs in the News:

"The internet and other new technologies have changed the way many of us work and the titles of our jobs. So, instead of the secretary, meet the virtual assistant."

BBC News

Our Clients Say:

"(Liz) is super organized, efficient and speedy, great with people, very skilled, and tons of fun."

Barbara Symmons, M.Ed.,

"Liz has the energy to do the necessary paperwork to keep my business running and helped free me to do what I do best and enjoy the most! She is an essential step in growing my business beyond a one man operation. Thank you, Liz! "

"Although I've never personally retained Liz, I am volunteering this testimonial for her anyway. I have seen Liz in action, setting up events before the host (her client) arrives, wrapping up live events when the host (her client) has to dash off to her next gig, putting up with demanding speakers who need this this way and that that way (me), leaving no stone unturned until every attendee who is bugging her for stuff (me) gets what she asks for... What more could one want in a virtual assistant?That phrase is hardly adequate to describe her many functions and talents."

Author, Step Into The Spotight