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Benefits of The Virtual Alternative

How can we help? Hiring a Virtual Assistant can benefit you:

  • By saving you money... you only pay for the  time or services you need.
  • By saving you time so that you can concentrate on expanding your business or client base.
  • By saving you space... we use our space, not yours.
  • By offering you staffing flexibility... we're here only when you need us.

Virtual Assistants are skilled professionals who are trained to meet your needs. To find out more, visit:

VAs in the News:

"Hiring a V.A. can make a small company seem larger or help a self-employed person appear to have a staff.... 'When a client's customers see that they have an assistant, it lends a certain legitimacy to their business in the minds of others.'"

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Our Clients Say:

"Sharp, quick, business-like. Liz Saunders gets things done and does them well."

Doug Flanders,
Foster Parents Plan

"Liz has been a tremendous help to me personally and in my business.  She understands what is required and takes the initiative to do whatever it takes to complete a project."

Daniel Ho,

"Thank you - you saved me my sanity this week."