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The Virtual Alternative provides Virtual Assistants, who can help you with your office administration needs.

Virtual Assistants perform the same services for you that a "regular" office assistant can. Everything is done for you electronically, by internet, phone, and/or fax machine.

How Can A Virtual Assistant Help You?

  • Save you time
  • Save you money
  • Complete your administrative needs quickly, efficiently, and to your deadlines

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How Can We Save You Money?

  • Our office space, not yours
  • Our equipment, not yours
  • You only pay for the time spent — no down time

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VAs in the News:

"It's the latest twist on outsourcing: Small businesses are starting to get help from virtual services camped out on the cyber-frontier."

- Business Week

Our Clients Say:

"Thanks for your help. Although it created work while I was away, it also removed stress that I would have had, not to mention a ridiculously high phone bill. You've got a permanent position when I travel!!!!"

Howard Colt,
Gone Sailing Adventures
Colt Valuations

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